03 October 2016

Day 2: I Don't Remember

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog. I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

Doctors' check-ups for my babes. Ever. #reschedulethatbizz
Why I thought it would be a good idea to get pumpkin granola that I eat like candy.
Rigg's birth very well. So sad.
Friends' birthdays until Facebook alerts me the day of. *Sigh*
To wash my face before bed every night.
TWO water bottles for the kids. Only remember one. Never goes over well.
My belt for back squats.
What happened after the 3rd episode of Blacklist last night.
The no-bake chocolate peanut butter recipe anymore. Gonna have to look it up stat.
Why I volunteered to be a Primary substitute.
Why I try to take the kids out to do fun things. 
Why anyone wears jeans anymore. Ever. This is not a dramatization.

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