08 September 2016

Ooooh Handsome Bubba!

In the morning when the kids wake up, I usually hear them chatting and playing for 15 minutes while I get their breakfasts ready.  This morning I heard Reese coo "Oooooh handsome bubba".  I say that to him when I come in to get them in the morning! It's so funny the things they catch on to!  It was also such a crazy reminder of how much your children are watching you and looking up to you.  It was a reminder for me to be kinder, more loving, speak more positively about myself and others, and just show greater love to peeps in my life.

I came across this picture when thumbing through some folders on our computer, and I was overwhelmed with #alltheemotions when I saw this picture!!!  Look at that sweet baby girl!  How is she so big already?  I can't handle it!  This picture was taken in December right around her birthday.  Her first birthday.  I remember SO vividly I asked Buns to take a picture before church because I never wanted to forget those special days when it was just me and Reese.  I was (and still am) such a brand new momma, and I was learning all sorts of crazy things about myself as a woman!! I was so happy in this picture.  Reese was all smiles and laughing like crazy that day.  Just looking at this picture, I swear I remember how I felt like I was glowing from the inside out!!  Which was saying something, because I was in the early stages of being preggers with Riggs.  And so far, the beginnings of my pregnancies do NOT go over well with me.  SO SICK ALL THE TIME.  But this day.  This was a good day.  A great day.  And I remember feeling so blessed for my sweet, happy Roni and to have another nugget on the way.  Could life be any crazier how things pan out!?

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