30 September 2016

Day 1: I Remember When

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog.  I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

Day 1: "I remember when". Set your timer for eight minutes. Go somewhere quiet and get out your writing utensils. Write "I remember when" at the top of your page and start writing. The rules are don't edit/censor yourself. Don't worry whether what you're writing is good or bad. Don't worry who might read it. Just write whatever comes into your head. Try not to think too much. If you get stuck, write "I remember when" again and try something new. Go the full eight minutes without stopping. If you want to keep going, great. If not, great. Happy writing!

My dad used to call from the bottom of the stairs, "Who wants to come with me to the store?!"  He never liked going to the store to run an errand by himself.  He always asked one of us to come with him.  Usually I feel like it was me who wanted to go.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I remember those trips to the store with my dad.  My favorite part was after we finished shopping and were walking to the car.  We'd both play it cool and then all all of sudden someone would pull the trigger and start sprinting to the car.

The race was on.  

Obviously he could beat me every time if he wanted to.  But sometimes he'd let me win or he'd give me a head start.  Once I got in high school though, I started legitimately being able to kick his trash.  Once in a blue moon but possible. 

Looking back, I never realized how much I treasured that time with my dad.

He was the vice principal of my high school.  Gasp. Whenever I told people they would give me a sympathetic look, like you poor thing.  But call me crazy...I loved it.

My dad was the cool vice principal.  He was tough but funny.  He enforced the rules but made people laugh.  He schooled the basketball team in one-on-one competitions.  He hurdled the fences at track practice.  He made everyone laugh, and everybody liked him. Well...except for the students who he suspended.  Them probably not so much.

Moving a lot in high school was hard, but it could have been harder.  Having my dad at my school was so great.  His office was an escape if I didn't want to get to class too early and sit by myself or if I was having a hard day and just needed someone to talk to.  I always knew he was right down the hall.  The corner office before you go down to the gym.

I love you Dad.

{Dad: Middle of back row with the fro LOL}

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