14 September 2016

"Gratefuls" and Affirmations

I have been keeping an ongoing journal of things I'm grateful for and positive affirmations.  I take a few minutes every day or every other day or once a week depending on my level of dedication haha to write down a page of "gratefuls" and affirmations.  Some from today's entry:

I'm grateful for my knowledge of a higher power.  That there is a God.
I'm grateful for music that inspires and uplifts.  Mat Kearney will always have my young heart.
I'm grateful for my lover boy who is enduring and enjoying life with me to the end.
I'm grateful for my health.  For my strong frame.  For a newfound attitude of finishing what I start. 
I'm grateful for Rigg's bucktooth grin and snuggly disposition that soothes my spirit.
He is my angel boy.  He is my constant reminder of what truly matters most.
I'm grateful for a social media community that shares goodness and inspires people to do and be their best.

{Riggs 12 months old}

I will remember this season of life is short.
I will let go of negativity and embrace hope.
I will nurture my faith and not my fears.
I will love without boundaries.
I will use my hands to serve.
I will unplug when with the people I love.
I will open and close each day with an honest conversation with God.
I will laugh hard and often.

Journaling these things as often as possible has brought light in my life.  It cures any bad mood.  It lifts my spirits when they need to be lifted.  Give it a try!

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