02 September 2016

2015 Year in Review

Doing this video was an emotional ride!  A whole 30 minutes of it haha.  I basically just threw together some random videos (with not much editing so sorry if some of the clips are annoyingly long) of our family from 2015.  I hope to do one of these each year for us, but we'll see!  Maybe next year I can get it done closer to the New Year. #doubtit  All of the songs mean a lot to Buns and I, and I guess I'm just grateful for my little family.  We're livin' on love, that's for sure!!!

//2015 Highlights// I hit the big 2-6, Buns hit the big 2-5, packed up and moved to South Carolina Buns' new job with Vivint, we met our Big Rigg on June 15th (all the heart-eyed emojis), Roni partied like a 2 year-old on December 19th, Buns and I continued to ride that parent learning curve like bo$$es (#thestruggleisreal), we moved back to our home in Provo after our summer in SC, and Buns started his last year of his undergraduate at BYU (woohoo!), and Riggs had his first Christmas! 

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