06 August 2016

Rapunzel and Neglectful Parenting

Reese has been super into brushing my hair and her hair lately, and I LOVE IT.  Today she did it for like 10 minutes.  I feel like I'm cheating the system somehow.  This morning we watched our friends' kiddos while they went to the temple, and they have the sweetest little newborn baby girl.  It always blows my mind how little they start out!  Time flies by so fast!

Riggs was diggin' the animals at the library the other day.  That's about the only thing that keeps him at bay when we go.  All he wants to do is pull the books off shelves.  Honestly this age is the worst for the library.  I would avoid it at all costs.  Lol.  I try to get in and out when we go.  Grab some news books and out the door!  I actually lost Riggs in the library the day I took these pics.  I was all casually looking around at first, then I could feel the panic attack coming, then I starting running, then I told the librarian I lost my son, then she told the security guards, then like 5 moms starting helping me look, then I starting yelling RIGGS...in the library, then I was ugly crying, then 3 minutes later he comes waddling out of one of the children's library aisles, then I hugged him, then I darted out of the library, then I cursed all the Blue Bloods I'd been watching, and then we went home and all took a loooong nap. #momfail #neglectfulparenting #imstillrecoveringfromit 

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