05 August 2016

One Animated Girlfriend

You can't really hear it in the video below, but after she's done counting, she is leaning on her hands behind her, and she says "Yay" under her breath very quietly.  Lol.  Our time together during Rigg's morning nap will always be so special to me.  She's just kind of been my little best friend lately, and it's been so fun!  She's been soaking up new words which is a new step for her because new words and trying to expand her vocabulary was always frustrating for her because she just wanted to do her own thing! Haha.  Like mother like daughter!! But she has been talking like a champ!  She even grabs books that she knows really well and reads them to herself with her blanket in tow.  Oh my gosh, it's a phase I hope never ends. You light up our life Reesey!!

I was so glad I caught the moment when Riggs wakes up and how Reese reacts EVERY time!  It's so cute, and I love the great friends they're becoming.  Sidenote: She is such a stubborn punk when on camera, I ruined her for good! Haha.

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