09 August 2016

Never Lose Faith

Reese has been pulling books out like a mad woman lately and reading them to herself.  It's pretty dang cute.  Today we woke up, ate a quick breakfast, dropped Buns off at work, played at the playground, came home, gave Riggs a nap, read lots of book, watched a couple Sophia the Firsts, Riggs woke up, Reese and Riggs played, and now they're down for the count.

Motherhood is a lot of routine.  It can get tough some days.  But for the most part, I find a lot of happiness in routine.  I do like to switch things up every now and again.  But there's something about the reliability of a routine.  The kids know it and can count on it.  I know it and can count on it.  It keeps our day flowing and helps me not go crazy with cabin fever haha.  Especially since most of our good friends have flown the coop.  

I feel like we're entering a new phase of life right now, and it's a little strange to be honest.  We're in serious limbo.  I've referenced it a lot on my posts recently, but it's definitely what the talk of the town is for Bun and I lately.  We're trying to get our groove back, and find a norm.  We just try to focus on the present day, enjoying our babies and each other, and not get too tangled up in what the future holds. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: "Above all, never lose faith in your Father in Heaven." #lds #quotes:

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