31 August 2016

Favorite Things

Lots of snuggling goes on in the corner of this couch.  And climbing.  And wrestling.  And snacking.  And hitting.  And jumping.  And laughing.  And crying. Today I'm grateful for this couch that creates a platform for those memories.  Reese has been into Lilo & Stitch lately, so we usually watch half of it in the morning together when Riggs is taking his morning nap.  Then Riggs wakes up, and we get kicked off the couch because he's been claiming his territory in the corner of it lately. Seriously.  He hangs out in that corner all the time.  It's hilarious.

Favorite things of my babes lately:

//Reese// Lilo & Stitch, climbing to the top of playgrounds, racing Daddy, wrestling Riggs, strawberries, greek yogurt, coloring in her princess coloring book, counting everything, the number 8, sorting shapes, the song from Aladdin that the genie sings, Tiana from Princess and the frog, Lionhart children's book, and fish.

//Riggs// Super Simple Songs from youtube, dancing, jumping, wrestling Reese, climbing into Reese's bed, tickle time, peaches, oatmeal with peanut butter, building blocks, digging in the dirt, jumping on the couch, reading books, animal sounds (lion is his specialty), and chasing Reese.

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