25 August 2016

Butts and Tears

Most evenings are pretty relaxed with Buns and I.  We love our games, our shows, and our laughs.  But occasionally (okay depending on the week, it might be nightly LOL) we have some good sit downs and talk about how we're doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  What's going on personally for us.  As parents, spouses, family members, friends, church-goers, and disciples of Christ.  This was us after one of those conversations.  Not gonna lie, there were lots of tears on my part.  Life can be stressful sometimes, ya feel me!?  But after having a good long chat reminding ourselves what matters most, how we want to improve, and reminding each OTHER that we're doing the best we can.  Butts and tears had been wiped, mouths fed, cheeks kissed, books read, SO MANY disney songs sung, and bodies bathed.  And that's all it takes folks.

And of course, this song has been a favorite lately.  And always puts me in the best mood e'er.  Love it.  WARNING: Expression of my love for Buns in the following lyrics. ;) 

"So, you meet someone, 
the only one, 
you take [him] by the hand, 
make a stand, 
buy some land, 
make some love, 
and then babies come."

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