04 August 2016

Butt-Slapping Fun

{oldie but a goodie}

It's been so long since I've done some sort of update on the blog of what our family's up to, and I miss writing on here.  I need to write more.  Life has been so hectic, whenever I have down time, I want to lie on the couch with my hubby and watch Blue Bloods.  LOL.  But I need a space again that I can write down the happenings of our family, organize my thoughts, and share what's on my mind and in my heart.

As opposed to catching everything up which I feel like is always my hesitation with getting back on here because I feel like I'm so behind, I don't even know where to begin!  So we're gonna cut all that hooplah out and just start with the present...

Reese and Riggs are sleeping like bumps on a log right now.  Riggs' second nap and Reese's every now and again nap have been beautifully coinciding which makes for a happy momma.  Usually during their naps....can I be honest?  Usually I head straight for the couch and peruse social media sites for a solid chunk of it.  But my brain lately has been on overload social media, and I'm missing finding ways to connect with myself and finding quiet time away from screens.  (As I'm sitting here writing on a computer...HAHA...but this doesn't count because it's journaling, right? That's what I'm going with.)  I need some uplift and more purpose in my life these days.  So maybe I'll find it as I take 10-15 a day to talk about my little fambam.

Buns should be home from work really soon, and I'll probably get cut off from writing this to make him some yummy grub.  I used to hate making him food (and sometimes I still do), but now it actually brings me this huge satisfaction.  If he was left to his own devices I'm sure he would eventually learn how to make a decent meal, but there would be a major learning curve until that could happen.  Anyways, I'll probably make him a banana cream pie smoothie to hold him over until a bigger more "heavy" (his words) meal can be made.  He loves banana cream pie.  I love that he loves banana cream pie.  Is that weird?  Does anyone else have weird things that they love about their husbands that make no sense at all?  Maybe it's because it's comforting that I can rely on the fact that he loves banana creme pie.  I just know him like that.  But his mom knows that about him too.  So maybe it's weird.  Okay wow, I haven't been at this blogging thing in forever, sooooo YEAH.  

Weird things are coming out.

Once the kids wake up, Buns and I will head to the gym to workout.  We just starting doing this again about a week ago, and it is one of my favorite (okay it is my favorite) times of the day.  I get to sweat with my sweaty hubby. We laugh, we try new lifts, we compete, we slap each other's butts, and we make fun of each other.  It's really the best.  It does kind of make my days go slower though haha because I'm so anxious to get to the gym and slap his butt. #sorrynotsorrymomandmotherinlaw #hesgotagreatbutt #whatsagirltodo

My favorite things about today are that our swamp cooler is working better than it has been in this scorching 3-digit degree heat we're suffering.  Maybe one day when we have AC, I'll want the summer to drag on, but for now, I'm over here like


I also love that Riggs and Reese are starting to be best buddies.  Reese is SO funny with Riggs.  When he's awake from his nap, she pops her head up at me and gasps, "Oh Riggy Rigg, wake up!!"  Then she sprints her little body (usually while looking at her feet which has ended disastrously lately) to his room, opens the door, and says sweetly, "Ohhh Riggy."  Like he's the light of her life.  Haha.  Such a drama queen.  I have no idea where she gets that from...

Riggs just walks around swinging his little arms back and forth with his chubby little thighs hanging out.  Diaper butts are in full force around here, as we're usually naked when we're at home.  The kids atleast.  Or maybe me too....

JK!  I really need to get back in the groove of blogging.  Weird things, weird things.

When the kids get up in the morning, we take Buns to work.  He's working for his brother's landscaping business during this gap year before PT school. (Fingers crossed for him, we just started applying!! Woohoo!)  So we drop him off at the "unit".  Storage unit that is.  Where he picks up the truck and machinery for his manly-man duties of the day.  (**heavy swoon**)  He gives me a kiss.  He gives Reese a kiss.  He gives Riggs a kiss.  He loves his babies.  And I love that he loves his babies.  We love babies.  Maybe we should have another baby.

Maybe not.  Oh dear.  Too soon.

Anyways.  So he kisses us all, and we wave goodbye and start counting the minutes till he gets home.  This is not an exaggeration.  I seriously can't wait till he gets home every single day.  Best part of the day.  Aside from slapping his butt at the gym.

Speaking of butts.  He just got home!!!

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