18 August 2016

Man Cakes

A little shout-out/love letter to bae today.  I feel like God couldn't have placed a more perfect-for-me man in my life.  I am constantly amazed at how our relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger despite challenges we go through and overcome.  He has been a strength and support to me when I've needed it most and heck, even when I don't need it most, he is there!  After the kids go to bed, we get to chill the freak out.  And we are typically both so exhausted after our days, so we either play games (currently: Ticket to Ride, yes we're dorks), watch our shows (on a Parks & Rec and Arrested Development kick right now), watch funny instagram and youtube videos, and just talk about our days.  It is seriously my favorite part of the day.  

My second favorite part of the day is when we put the kiddos down for bed together.  I mean isn't that everyone's favorite part of the day?? HAHA.  I promise I love my babies, but when that clock strikes 7:30pm, it's go time!!!

But back to Buns.  I love you.  I pray that Reese finds herself a man like you.  Someone who tells her she's hilarious, kind, big-hearted, and beautiful.  Someone who hones in on her strengths, not her weaknesses.  Someone who applauds her everyday for being the woman she is.  Never am I ever all of those qualities all at once, but you should have a man that tells you those things anyways because he believes them even when you don't!

You were the best choice I ever made Buns.  Love you so much!!!

This was on our date night a couple weeks ago.  We went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls.  Buns taught me how to swing and even wrapped his arms around me to show me how it's done.  SWOON and EYE-ROLL. (Or if you're reading this, you're probably gagging not swooning) Then we grabbed a drive-through Wendy's burger on the way to the movies because we were going to be late, and ain't nobody wants to miss the previews!!  We saw Bourne Legacy, and it was so good. Rest assured, Jason is still a BadA.  Then afterwards we topped off the night with some Provo Beach Resort ice cream.  I got pralines & cream and blueberry pie.  Buns got something different, so we shared.  We laughed so hard that night.  So freaking hard, and I was in 7th heaven.

I'm obsessed with my man cakes.
, Ashton

And for your entertainment, here's Reese at her favorite indoor playground.  She's a hoot.

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