05 July 2016

Rigg's First Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Bubba! Our sweet chunk of handsomeness.  You make our world happier buddy boy.  You are sweet and easy-going and the happiest baby around.  Your smile is contagious.  You're the juiciest baby boy in all the land, I just want to squeeze you all the time!  We couldn't have asked for an easier going baby boy at this crazy time of life.  You love chasing balls around the house, outside, at the park, and basically anywhere you can!  You love to read peek-a-boo books and are loving animals lately.  You love doing animal sounds with momma.  You love when your daddy sing the genie song from Aladdin.  It cracks you up!  You are so ticklish and love chasing your big sis around.  You're the perfect tormentor haha.  You follow her around everywhere!  Your a good sport when she pushes you down or tickles you too hard.  You are the glue that holds this little family together these days.  Your happiness is the biggest blessing in our life right now, and we couldn't imagine life without you!



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