02 May 2016

Our Temporary Home

I've been thinking a lot about this blog of mine lately, and so often throughout the week, I'll have a sweet moment with Reese or Riggs or a funny story that happens in our little life where I'm like, "I should write this down! I want to remember this forever!"  And too often, I think I get caught up in wanting to have pictures with the stories or be able to sit down for a solid block of time and write down a beautifully written post but you know....ain't nobody got time for that anymore!  At least not me anyway!  So for more realistic purposes and to better record the little joys of my life with my family, I'll try to get on here and do little family journal entries of sorts.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

I don't really feel like I have the right words to start this post, but Todd's grandpa, Theodore James Barrett, passed away on Easter morning.  He lived a long, full life and was surrounded by so many loved ones in his last few days.  He went into the ER Friday night, and over the weekend, Todd and I were kept in the loop with what was happening and his progress.  On Saturday evening, things weren't looking good, and so we came back from Salt Lake to come visit him at the hospital.  We drove down to the hospital after dropping the kids off with their Grandma Hawl.  We went up to his room, and when we walked into the room and saw Pa hooked up to all sorts of machines and tubes, my heart dropped.  Pa wasn't awake, but Todd went over to hold his hand.  Even though he wasn't awake, Pa had been squeezing hands when his grand kids talked to him.  I haven't been in the Barrett family long but what a wonderful man and Grandpa I could tell he was.

Todd was talking to him about Reese and Riggs, and he would squeeze his hand when he talked about Reese and Riggs.  It was a really sweet moment and just a really tender evening over all.  We left the hospital, and on the way home Todd talked about some different memories he had of his Grandpa and about how good of a man he was.  The man was a "Renaissance Man" as his bishop said of him at the funeral. "Renaissance Man" defined as a person who is an outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person with many talents and a vast knowledge of many different fields.  That was Pa!  He was an engineer, a poet, an artist, a father, a God-fearing man, an astrologist, an athlete, a friend, a husband, an architect, a builder, and so much more.  Those were some of the ones mentioned in the funeral services that stood out to me.  He was also hilarious!  At the funeral, there was an entire book made by his sons, Bill (Todd's dad) and Robert, depicting cartoons of all his crazy phrases!  I wish I could remember some of them.  I'll have to ask Todd!

The viewing was the night before the funeral, and there was the sweetest movie of pictures of Pa, his wife, his children, and great-grandchildren.  Most all pictures I had never seen before.  Pa was such a handsome man!  He truly loved each of grandkids and great grandchildren so individually and deeply.  Even I felt that love!

We miss him, but we know he is with his sweet wife Fae and watches over us everyday.

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