29 February 2016

Riggs Recently {8 Month Edition}

You sweet, sweet thing you.  I was thinking about you a lot tonight baby boy.  How much of a joy you have been for your dad and I.  You were so meant to be in our family at this exact time, I can't even express it.  You are the perfect addition.  Your calm, sweet nature keeps us all level-headed and reminds us just how blessed we are when sometimes the chaos of life right now makes it easy to forget.  You smile like it's your job.  That smile engulfs the entire bottom half of your face.  It's hysterical!  We can't help but laugh and smile when you smile at us!  

You've been getting into everything lately.  You love anything electrical and off-limits.  You pull yourself up on just about anything.  You live on the outer rim of our living room right now, pulling yourself up on the TV stand, the chair, the couch, your sister's trampoline, the toy shelves.  You've gotten some bumps to the forehead, but you just keep goin' at it.  You fall, but keep getting up over and over again.  I feel like you'll always be this way.  I feel like you'll be my positive, happy boy who realizes that trip-ups are gonna happen, and that even when you fail, it's not the end of the world.  You'll know that all it means it that you put yourself out there.  It means you're trying and you're getting stronger.  Because everytime you pick yourself up you get stronger and wiser.  You learn more about yourself and you grow.  You are our little buddy.  I hope you always find a friend in your parents.  I hope you can always talk to me.  Sometimes you'll probably be embarrassed, nervous, or think I won't understand, but I hope you try anyways.  I will always love you and always listen to you. 

You are our sweet, angel boy.   Don't you ever forget how far sweetness will get you!  Sometimes you might feel like you have to prove something by being tough and hardcore, but in the end the kind ones are always the best guys.  You can be tough, but be sweet.  Be loving.  Be a good friend.  Be a good brother.  Love the people around you.  I have a feeling you'll be very personable and friendly.  People will be drawn to you because of your positive energy.  

I love you Riggs!

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