09 February 2016

Reese turns 2!

Reese's second birthday was such a special day.  December 19, 2015.  I was nostalgic for her teeny tiny baby toes and her Michelin tire rolls.  I missed her squawk when she first found her voice.  I missed when she had 4 teeth in the front and the grin that she repped them with.  I couldn't believe 2 years had passed since our beautiful girl had come into our life.  

We woke up and celebrated with some birthday pancakes.  Reese loves her some "cake-cakes"!  Always said at high volume.  We had her open her birthday present, which was a princess book with princess figurines.  She was wide-eyed and stoked out of her mind!  She immediately lined them up in front of her plate of cake-cakes.  She made us go through the line up over and over again saying each of their names.  She was so excited!  Buns and I were smitten.  As always.  We love our girl.

We took our baby girl to her favorite place, the jump gym.  I forgot my camera there, but she had a blast.  She loves when daddy gets to come.  She had the place practically all to herself!  We jumped, played, and wore that chica out.  

The rest of the day was all about Reese.  We watched princess movies, read books on books on books, and enjoyed our baby girl.  That evening we went up to Salt Lake City Temple Square to look at the Christmas lights.  We stopped for some Five Guys burgers and fries on the way.  That girl loves her fries.  We went with some of our good friends, the Woolfs, and Reese got to hang with her little bestie Drue.  It was seriously such a great night.  We had a blast celebrating our little beauty.  The apple of our eyes.  You are so special Reese, and we are grateful for you every day!

, Momma

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