20 January 2016

Goals for the New Year {2016 Edition}

I've been trying to set a time to write this post for a while, but every time I think about doing it, I hadn't really known what to write yet!  Usually I feel like I'm right on the bandwagon with all sorts of New Years Resolutions, and jump right into it.  This year felt a little different/  I had so many freaking things swimming around in my brain that I wanted to improve on, work on, and change, but I couldn't decide what was most important or what the best use of my time was.  I have a tendency to overload myself with a bunch of ideas and then only a select few remain on the bandwagon.  I always think of how much more time I could've focused on those select few goals if I would've taken the time to seriously think about what I wanted to focus on.  SO...

This year, I decided I wouldn't set my resolutions until I had thought through what I wanted to improve on personally.  What spaces needed to be filled in my heart and mind.

I wouldn't say this is a solid list or that I spent hours upon hours deciding on it haha, but when I thought about it this morning, it just felt so right!  Like I was finally able to put into words what I wanted to improve and focus on.  Our family theme for this year plays a huge role in my goals and our family goals, "Put Loving Arms Around Them." (Mosiah 18:21)

Buns and I both feel like we could do a little bit better to think of others before thinking of ourselves.  The "Me, Myself, and I" ship has docked too long in this household.  Especially with the last couple of weeks with very sick kiddos, tempers were quick and patience was nowhere to be found.  That's honestly what sparked the theme, but once we thought about it more, we decided it genuinely was something we wanted to improve on not just in our home, but in our relationships with friends and family.  We love our friends and family so much, but feel like we don't show just how much sometimes!  Just an overall effort to think more outside ourselves.  And then there's the more personal goals for me...

Goals as a Momma for Reese:
//Get on the floor more to interact.//
//Smile, encourage, love, empower, and TEACH. Lots more of all these things.//
//ACT instead of REACT.//
//Never turn down when she reaches out to spend time together.  Whether that's reading, playing with her princesses, or playing hide and seek.//

Goals as a Momma for Riggs:
//Hold my lil boyfren more. #secondbabyprobs//
//Eye contact and laughter.//
//Be in the moment.//

Goals as a Wifey for Buns:
//Think before you speak.//
//Small acts of love everyday.//
//Listen without thinking of what I want to say.  TRULY listen.//
//Weekly date nights. At least two of those weeks getting out of the house to do something fun!//

Goals as Ashton:
//Commitment.  To self.  To family.  To God.  To friends.//
//Things will not go perfectly.  That is OK.  Live and let be.//
//SERVICE. Put loving arms around them.//

, Me

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