28 January 2016

Bustin' a Move with My Gurl

Today was exceptionally awesome with Reese.  Not many tantrums.  Easy to please.  Entertained herself when she needed to.  Lots of hugs.  Big smiles.  Laughing.  And dancing has hit the Barrett home.  Now let me explain...I have been trying to get this girl to bust a move for a while.  That usually results in a large grunt on her end with a "Stop it!"  Over time I realized she wasn't going to respond to me forcing her to do something she didn't want to.  She needs to warm up to situations folks.  My independent, on-her-own-terms gal.  Sometimes I can't accomodate that part of her personality because well...#parenting has to inevitably have some force for reckoning in our house.  But when it comes to things like dancing, headbands, or singing, those don't really require her obedience, so I have to back down.  But then yesterday, while we were watching Sophia the First, Sophia began singing an inspiring melody (she's got lots of those up her sleeve), and Reese just started dancing.  I wasn't really sure if it was dancing at first because sometimes she just like to jump/hop/squat around the room, but after a solid 20 seconds, there was no doubt about it...SHE WAS DANCING!! My wanna-be-dancer soul was on cloud 9.  Of course I started dancing with her immediately, but I came into it gently because any sudden dancing on my part always seems to ruin the mood. LOL.

After easing my way into the song with Reese, being careful not to take over the show, we started dancing together!!!! This may seem so dumb, but I have dreamed of this moment since she was a little pea in my tummy.  Dreams of our dancing days together were pretty much squashed up until yesterday though (like I said...my dancing=mood killer for Reese).  Prior to yesterday, I had finally come to terms with the fact that I Buns and I would be the only goofy dancers in our household. (Bless our children's future pre-teen hearts.)  But huzZAH!! It's not a fluke!  Today we were watching Tangled, and sure enough "I've Got A Dream" came on, and she was bustin' a move!  I have a little dancer.  I might cry.  Or maybe I always had a dancer, because I have to say, I have seen those moves before Roni...

WARNING:  Horribly high-pitched, wanna-be-Broadway-star momma in the background.  Please IGNORE.

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