16 January 2016

Dear Riggs {Blessing Day: November 22, 2015}

Your blessing day was one for the books Riggs.  We were surrounded by family and friends that we love so much.  I remember when we kind of started off the night and Buns welcomed everyone, I got all choked up feeling so grateful that Riggs will always have such a wonderful support system.  You have so many people that love you Riggs!  We started off the evening with your blessing, and finished with some good food and hanging out with family.  I kept thinking the whole night how grateful I was that you came into our little world.  It seemed so quick, only 18 months after your sister came into our world, but we couldn't imagine our life without you now.  

You are such a crucial member of little family Riggins.  Already you've had such an impact on your dad and I.  You and Reese have taught us both different things so far, and so far you have definitely taught us to smile more and worry less.  You have our heart baby boy.  Your daddy gave you a beautiful blessing.  He is such a good man Riggs.  I'm so excited for y'all to become closer and closer friends.  He will be one of your number one fans (me being the other one of course!).  When you're older, I hope you always feel you can confide in your parents, but especially your dad.  He will always listen and always love you no matter what.  We love you Big Rig!!!

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