15 December 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Oh my goodness gracious.  Where to begin.  I've actually been trying to find the time to write this post for a while.  I've had the pictures in a draft but kept wanting to find an adequate chunk of time with no interruptions to write down just all the little things that made Thanksgiving this year so wonderful.  But alas that perfect time has not come, so here I am just writing a quick little tidbit of what comes to mind, so that I can get this bizz done!  

This year my parents flew in from Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving here in Utah!  I was counting down the days for quite some time.  We spent a lot of the time up in Salt Lake City at Megan's place, and it was so fun.  The place was decorated for Christmas, and it was just magical.  Cozy.  Surrounded by people I love so much.  

We ate lots of good food, relaxed, snuggled, watched Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, ate leftovers like 5 times, hanging, talking, and just enjoying everyone's company.  Todd and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we were grateful for a relaxing, beautiful Thanksgiving break.  

I am so grateful for family.  I take them for granted, but I truly have a wonderful family.  Nothing like it.

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