02 December 2015


Because I need a reminder today....

1.  Lately when I've been putting Reese down for a nap, instead of just laying her down with her blanket and binkie and walking out, I've been singing a song or two to help her fall to sleep because she's in a phase where she won't fall asleep for the nap without getting up out of bed, but she definitely needs a nap!  This has become one of my favorite times of day the past week.

2.  Really grateful for people who do nice things just because.

3.  Social media has become a really positive thing for me lately.  I used to get bogged down with the comparison game, and don't get me wrong, I haven't totally escaped the wrath of comparison, but I'm so grateful for some of the genuine people I follow on Instagram and facebook.  People who share positive, uplifting messages.

4.  A big thanks to everyone who smiles without holding back.  I love a good, big, genuine smile.  

5.  Riggs.  That boy is a slice of heaven.  He is always warm and snuggly when he gets up from his naps, and whenever I get the chance or remember to, I like to soak in those warm cheeks fresh out of the crib.

6.  Christmas messages.  Click here to watch.

7.  The Norman Rockwell exhibit at Museum of Arts at Brigham Young University.  I am so grateful for people who share their talents with the world!  I went to it over the break with my mom and sister.  It reminded me of a love for art and creativity that I had forgotten about since becoming a mom.  When you become a mom, your kids come first.  You invest so much of your time finding ways to make them laugh and be happy.  Sometimes you get a little lost in the mix of motherhood.  I've discovered a lot of new loves and interests as a mom, but I've also forgotten about things I used to love to do.  Todd and I are both trying to rediscover those things, and art like Norman Rockwell's is one of mine.  

8.  Heaters.  Our house would be so freakin' cold without them.  Forgot to turn them on the other day, and our house got real cold, real fast!

9.  Family.  We had such a beautiful Thanksgiving.  We went up to my sister Megan's in Salt Lake for a few days while my parents were in town for the break and holiday.  Magical, cozy, lots of laughs, lots of down-time, good food, cousins playing together.  We had 2/3 of all the siblings there, but we were in major deficit missing my sister Courtney and her family, and my brother Hunter who's on a mission.  I love my family.  Todd and I both came back from staying at Megan's for the holiday, and couldn't stop talking about what a great time we had.  Nothin' like family.

Here's a little advent calendar that mormon.org is doing this year.  I love it.  I really want to try to keep the Savior at the focus of our holidays this year.  Follow the link here to share it with your family and friends!

Luke 1:26-27 
The angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary.

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