17 December 2015

Slobbery Perfection

Dear Riggs, 

Sometimes I like to just lay down next to you while you're on your back playing on the floors and snuggle you.  You've been doing this thing lately where you turn on your side, grab both of my cheeks in your dewy hands (from all your drool), and smile the juiciest smile.  You have my freaking heart Riggins Todd Barrett.  You are warm and snuggly all the time.  You let me squeeze you and kiss you and love on you without complaining.  I hope you always let me give you kisses.  Even if it's on your way out the door on your way to school because it would be uncool to give you a kiss in front of your buddies.  I hope you always know how much I love you.  I think I've already written a letter to you about this, but I had a dream about a four-year old little blonde boy when I was pregnant with Reese.  I thought for sure the dream meant that I was having a boy, but then we found out Reese was a girl!  I was shocked.  And then we found out we were pregnant again!  And sure enough...I got my boy.  My little boyfren.

Lately you've been sitting up like a champ, and prefer to be sitting up so you can see what's going on around you.  You love when you can see your sister.  Whenever you guys are sitting in front of each other and interacting, you laugh so hard!  It's hysterical.  Your dad and I can't even get you to laugh that hard!  Some sort of inside joke you've got going on with your sister I guess.  It makes me so happy to see y'all laughing together.  I pray you never forget how important your siblings are to you.  Confide in them and trust them.  Love them and stand up for them.  Guide them and befriend them.  They will be your best friends for life!

You hold such a big piece of my heart little guy.  Thank you for your constant happiness, always reminding me of how good life is.  I love you so much.  So insanely.  So intensely.  So much love your direction Big Rigg. 

Never forget how much I love you and that I will always be proud of you no matter what. 

, Momma

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