29 December 2015

2015 Strength of Character Recap

It's pretty insane that 2016 is two short days away.  Seriously where has the flipping time gone.  When I think about all that's happened in 2015, it's totally crazy and completely wonderful.  2015 was one for the books.  It was full of a lot of change and a lot of unexpected turns, but it was definitely under the "wonderful" category.  At the beginning of 2015, we decided that Buns and I would set a theme for each year for our family to focus on.  This past year we decided on "Strength of Character".

We got it from a scripture in Alma (from the Book of Mormon) about a group of young men known as the 2,000 stripling warriors who were "extremely valiant for courage" and who were "true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted".  Buns and I decided we wanted to focus our year on having a strong character.  On doing the right thing even when it's tough.  On being self-disciplined when it comes to working towards goals.  On being honest with ourselves.

When I think about 2015 there's a lot of things that come to mind... 
When it was still just Reese, Buns, and I.  That seems like forever ago!  Couldn't imagine life without Riggs, but those times with Reese will always be so special. 
Packing up our little family, 8 months preggo, to head off on a new adventure to South Carolina while Buns worked for Vivint. 
Riggins Todd making his debut in the middle of our summer in South Carolina. 
Postpartum hemorrhage 2 weeks out from having Riggs. (I'll probably tell that story sometime soon on here.  An experience close to our hearts.)  
Moving back to P-town for Todd's last year of his undergrad at BYU.
Within this list there are so many lessons that were learned.  Buns and I grew closer than we've ever been this year, and I know the future will only continue to shape and mold us.  So strength of character...

One of my favorite analogies, because I love lifting, is how muscles grow.  Your muscles are made of a bunch of thick fibers all bundled up in your tissue.  When you exercise three things can happen...1. You increase the tension (weight and duration of your exercises) so your muscles have to adapt and become stronger to support the load you're carrying, 2. Your muscle fibers are damaged which triggers the body to repair and strengthen those fibers, or 3. You exhaust the muscle so that it has to adapt (and strengthen to "endure" so to speak haha).  In all of those scenarios the muscles are going through some sort of stress or put under some intense pressure, so that they grow.  The more tension, the more growth.  And that's life folks.  The more tension, the more growth.  The more you are put in difficult situations and forced to overcome hard things, the stronger you become.  Our summer spent in South Carolina strengthened our little family on so many levels in so many ways, I can hardly keep it together while I'm sitting here writing this haha. #alltheemotionsforsure

So I think it's safe to say we made some progress in the strength of character department.  Emphasis on some.  We're not perfect by any means and have so much more to learn.  We know life's gonna throw lots of tough stuff our way, and that we'll have even more growth to undergo, but the small hill we overcame this past summer, strengthened our resolve to be more positive, grateful, and trusting.  Trusting in God's plan for us.  Showing some faith.  Digging deep and forging forward, finding happiness and gratitude all along the way.

We're excited for what 2016 has in store!!!  We're heading into the new year with lots of gratitude and excitement for experiences ahead and that we get to do it together.  I love my man.  I love our two nuggets.  And I love this life God has given me.  I pray I can do something with it this next year that's different than any other year of my life.  Oh the possibilities!! 

♥, Ashton Tilton

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