03 November 2015

What You Don't See

I was going through my pictures on google plus (one of the best ways to keep track of pictures on your phone btw), and I came across this one.  This picture means a lot to me.  And I had totally forgotten about it.

This picture shows two parents obsessed with their little girl...but what you can't see about this picture is...

First of all we were in Columbia, South Carolina, I was 8.5 months pregnant, and we had just embarked on this crazy adventure across the country.

Second of all, I had just finished bawling my eyes out because I was nervous about a second kid, worried about Todd's new job, hated that Todd was gone ALL day and night, trying to navigate Reese's new-found tantrums and independence, and missing family and friends like crazy.

Thirdly, Todd had just crawled into bed with me and just hugged me.  Hugged me while I cried.  Hugged me while I let out all my worries and frustrations.  Then proceeded to tell me everything would be okay, and it was all gonna work out.  And without fail, every time he tells me that, I believed him.  No matter what tough thing we've gone through, we always believe each other that it's gonna be okay.  We know we'll always come out on top because we have each other.

Then Reese peeked in our room.  She had just woken up from her nap.  We had her in the pack and play but because of the twin bed next to her, she was always able to find a way to climb out of it.  When we realized she was peeking in at the door, she smiled behind her pink blanket, waiting for us to usher her in.  We said "Hi Reesey!" and the second we said hi she came barreling in the room and wrestled to climb up on the bed.  She made us both smile so big, all of our worries were erased.  We soaked up our baby girl and listened to Frozen music for like a half hour.

And then we snapped this picture.  Because we love our baby girl.  She is a light in our life.  She makes everything worth it.  We love you Reese.

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