12 November 2015

All It Takes

Yesterday, the day started off pretty rough for Buns and I.  Bad moods all around.  We're starting to do the cry-out method with Riggs, and so the night before was a tad tough super sucky.  Last night though he already slept for 8 hours in a row though! So we'll see if that's a fluke or what.  Probs a fluke, but oh well.  Anyways...

So Buns and I.  Bad moods.

Todd had school all day, so he was off to school even though we hadn't really gotten to work out our moods.  We like to try to work out our moods before we leave each other.  Otherwise we're both in bad moods all day.  So he left.  I was home with the kiddos.  I was feeling a little trapped, a lot tired, and absolutely no motivation to do anything.

Then I saw a Christmas post when I was scrolling through Instagram, and I thought you know what?  I'm gonna fix this!  So I turned up some Mariah Carey Holiday Pandora station, put Riggs down for a nap, put a show on for Reese, and buckled down to do the mound of dishes sitting in my sink.  And let me tell you....I FELT LOADS BETTER. (**I just re-read my post to check for grammar,and I realized that was PUNNY..."loads better"/"loads" of dishes...BA HA ha...**giving myself a pat on the back for being punny...#yikes #selflove #solittlesleep #soloopy)  With every dish and every high note from Mariah, my mood got better and better.  I love music.  I love it so much, and singing to it helped me feel so much better.

Then about a half hour later Todd called.  He was in between classes, and he called to apologize for his mood.  Bragging wifey:  He's always the first to admit he was in the wrong.  Something I need to be better at.  But he called, and we got to talking about why we were in bad moods.  It was clear that BOTH of us were in better moods.  He asked what I had been up to, and I told him I listened to some music and crossed the dishes off the list.  He said no wonder you're in a good mood.  Haha!  Guess he knows me too well!  Then I asked what sparked his phone call...

Damian Lillard and Trey Burke.
(Click here for the specifics)

Oh yeah y'all...NBA players put my husband in a better mood.  Haha.  He was also scrolling through Instagram (thanks Instagram for lifting both our spirits yesterday #laughingcryingemojifeels) and came across some quotes on those two Instagram accounts that boosted his morale.

My point of telling this story is not to boast about how awesome we are at getting ourselves out of bad moods because a lot of the time we're not good at it.  But instead, I wanted to write down and remember that Todd and I are married and we're husband and wife, but we're also individuals.  We also need time and space sometimes to work out our moods.  Sometimes it takes a little time, even if it's just a half hour, to work out our emotions on our own haha.  We both have things that help us feel better, and they're very different for each of us.  We have to respect those things and give each other time to not only be husband and wife but to also be Ashton and Todd.  I hope that makes sense, but it's something that's really helped us.

Love my man.

A few weeks ago, this is another thing time that doing something I loved and hadn't done in a while helped put me in a better mood haha.  I was telling Todd how much I missed driving up the canyon once the leaves started changing color and falling, so one day after his classes, he took me and the kiddos on a drive up the canyon.  We even stopped at 7-11 to grab some hot chocolate.  Whatta man whatta might good man.  I pumped mine with Pumpkin Spice Creamer per the usual.  Then we drove up to Deer Creek.  The kids had fallen asleep so Todd and I got to step out for a second to soak in my absolute favorite view in the canyon ever.  I used to drive up to the same spot all the time when I was in college and needed to get away for a hot minute.  I've always loved nature, and I've seen this same spot at Deer Creek through all the seasons, and I love every one, but fall is my favorite.  

Hope y'all have a great Thursday.  Find time to do something you love. 
, Ash 

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