23 September 2015

"There comes a point, when you have to just live.  You have to just move on.  Move way on.

Not that you have to forget or ignore the hard times.  Of course you have to acknowledge the pain and hurt, but I have learned that when I stop thinking about myself and about what others think about me, I use that energy and focus it on productive things like; my children, my spirituality, my dedication to the Lord, my family, and my husband.  

I can push harder, faster, and get myself healthier.  It's hard to do, especially when my body hurts.  This is certainly a process, but I feel stronger, and I know that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass and great things did come to pass and do come to pass for me.  I move faster now, I am stronger, and have confidence in myself.  

I started appreciating the things that I could do and stopped focusing on the things that I couldn't do, and it has changed my life." (Stephanie Nielson)

"There comes a point, when you just have to live.  You have to just move on.  Move way on."

Becoming a mother has made me re-evaluate who I am about a million times haha.  It has changed me and molded me and reminded me of who I am and who I want to be.  Who Ashton is.  I keep realizing over and over again that there are very distinct things that make me who I am.  I feel like I'm finally coming to realize that how I mother and who I am as a person is more than enough.  Even if sometimes I feel like I fall short or lose my patience, I will always be enough.  And I feel like Stephanie really hit the nail on the head when she said, there comes a point, when you just have to live!  Amen!  

Buns and I have talked a lot about this lately, and we're sick of trying to do or be what we think everyone wants us to be or who we think we should be, and we should just start LIVING.  We should do what we love and discover the things we love.  We should just be ourselves and care less about what others think.  You don't have to please everyone.  Bottom line.  We decided we need to fall back in love with life, and be more grateful for the opportunity we have each day to make it a beautiful day.  Not because we do anything grand or extraordinary, but because we make the ordinary every day things into something special and something valued.  We've been talking about how we genuinely just need to enjoy the ride more and have more fun together.  And I think it's finally clicked!  We're excited about what's in store!

Cheers to just living.
♥, Me 

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  1. I just love this. and you look so so good. you are so inspiring!


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