18 March 2015

She Knows What's Coming

I don't really have anything to say other than she must know that Riggs is coming because this chica has been eMOtional.  But honestly I think she's teething too.  Her bottom two fangs came in a few weeks ago (while she was sick), and that was no bueno.  So my bet is that her top two fangs are coming in.  She's always got her hands in her mouth, and there's lots of drooling.  Okay, I just convinced myself it's that she's teething as opposed to that my sweet angel is changing dispositions haha.  Mothers tell me this phase passes!  In any event, here are some fun pics for memory lane and for your own enjoyment.  Welcome to my life for the past few days.  Love you Reeser! But man I do NOT love teething!

Hope y'all are having a better week than this girl's been having! Lol. Cheers to when teething is over!
, Ashton Tilton

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