30 March 2015

Mush & Memories {Buns Edition}

Dear Buns,

(FYI: I wrote this last week but never finished it, so this was last week's FHE)

Yesterday for FHE we went out to eat at Callie's Cafe, and now I'm obsessed.  I'm still thinking about those hashbrowns.  Those perfectly crispy, delicious hashbrowns.  I love that you share my love for breakfast for dinner.  We took Roni obviously, and she couldn't have been more fun.  She was lovin' it too and gobbled up her pancakes.  She was laughing a lot, we were laughing a lot, and I felt so, so happy.  I don't know if it's the pregnancy emotions getting to me or what, but lately I've been so aware of little moments like that.  I'm not always aware of those moments.  Sometimes I let things get me stressed, overwhelmed, or angry.  I forget to live in the moment and be grateful for all God's given us.

But yesterday.

Yesterday was a slice of heaven.  I felt giddy holding your hand.  I kept looking at you as the father of my children, and it only made you hotter.  Especially when we went for Cold Stone ice cream after and sat in the same spot we sat when we went on our first date.  Thinking about sitting at that table on our first date three years prior and comparing it to the present, you holding Reese, about to be Dad to a baby boy...it was pretty cool to say the least.  I felt that same giddiness I felt when we were on our first date. 

I was listening to my Miranda Lambert Pandora station at work, and one of our songs came on.  "Makin' Plans" by Miranda herself.  I use to listen to this on repeat the summer we dated on those long drives back from working in Salt Lake.  I would sit in the car, singing along to this song, feeling so happy, I thought my heart would burst.  So much anticipation on those drives home from Salt Lake.  I couldn't wait to see you.  You had work at Finish Line most week nights until 10pm and I had to leave for work in the mornings at 5:45am, but I would wait up for you anyways, and we would hang out until the wee hours of the night.  You know I don't do well without my sleep, so you know it was true love because I stayed up to hang out with you even if it meant I only got five hours of sleep on the weeknights.   

 I loved dating you.  I loved being with you.  Everything was always so comfortable and fun.  It just continued to be right day after day.  You filled a part of me that I didn't know could be filled.  You really became my very best friend.  

So when you asked me to marry you just 3 months later, it was so natural to say yes.  I know we're still fresh, only 2 and a half years into this whole marriage thing, but I can honestly say I am even happier than I was the day I said yes.  You make me the happiest woman!  You make life fun, meaningful, and all things amazing.  

Love you forever Buns.
, Me 

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