03 March 2015

Mush and Memories {Parent's Edition}

Sometimes I'll have random memories surface from childhood, about my parents, about my siblings, about school, etc...  So often, I remember those memories and laugh or smile about them and always mean to share them with whoever was involved, but dang it all, I always forget to share!  I want to be better about that!  I was inspired this morning by NieNie's post yesterday about her grandma.  In efforts to record more for my own family, so they can look back one day and read these stories, as well as to just share with my friends and family now, I wanted to take a minute to write down some memories of the two people I've been thinking of the most lately...my mom and dad.  It's always been hard to be so far from my parents, but since having Reese, I think about them and miss them even more it feels like.  My parents always said I'd never understand how much they truly love me until I had kids of my own, and man oh man were they right!

Check out these hotties!  These are both of my parents' high school graduation pictures.  My sister, Courtney sent a bunch of old family pictures of our parents a while back, and it was so fun to look at all of them!  My dad's blonde locks get me e'erytime.

Madre: // 1.  In high school, the day after intense leg workouts for basketball, my booty was always super sore, and I would make such a scene about it at home haha.  One day I was sprawled out on the couch on my stomach complaining about my booty pains, and my mom came over and said she would give me a butt massage (as I'm writing this out, I know she's gonna kill me for telling this hahaha).  Well that woman can give a serious butt massage!! LOL.  We were laughing SO hard because it hurt SO bad!  My siblings would all gather around and be laughing their aces off.  She kept saying, "Pain is good, pain is good!  Gotta work out that lactic acid!"  So ever since then, she would always give me butt massages after hard workouts, and every time we would be CRACKING UP as she did. // 2.  Sooo my mom could care less about the Super Bowl.  Big whoop-dee-doo as she would say.  But she looooves the commercials.  There's this nacho cheese commercial from a Super Bowl when I was in high school that she thought was hysterical.  Whenever she started to tell us about the commercial or tried to explain it to anyone, she could barely get out the words she was laughing so hard.  She could never even get the explanation out because of her laughing!  And she would always end it laughing with, "You just gotta watch it for yourself!" // 3.  Toasted bagels with Kraft cheese smashed in the middle for lunch.  Don't knock it 'till you try it.  Those were the best home lunches. // 4. Mental health days!  My mom was infamous for these.  But there was a trust in them too.  I never felt the need to abuse them, but I always knew that when I really needed them, she would know.  She always knew. // 5. Color-coordinated cups, color-coordinated backpacks, color-coordinated school supplies.  I was red.  Todd was blue.  Paige was purple.  Hunter was green.  For as long as I can remember.  They were our "favorite" colors.  Haha!  We always give my mom a hard time that she picked our favorite colors for us to satisfy her need for organization, but to this day red is one of my absolute favorite colors!  I knew I always wanted a fall wedding with lots of red, and it's my favorite color to have on my nails. // 6. In college, my mom always answered the phone.  I'm not much of a talking on the phone kind of gal.  In fact, I hate it.  Anyone who knows me, know that.  It's a problem, lol.  But I could talk to my mom for hours on that thing.  Whenever I needed to talk, she was there.  She always seemed to answer when I really needed her to.  I want to be that way for Reese. 

Padre: // 1. Anyone want to keep me company on a drive to the grocery store?  My dad liked to have company whenever he had a quick errand to run.  He'd sometimes yell across the house, who wants to run an errand with me?!  I'd always take him up on it.  I loved those drives.  My dad likes to listen to his music in the car and belt out the songs he really liked (even if he wasn't 100% percent sure of the words hahaha).  I have always been the same way.  The car is a time for listening to your jams.  I like to think I inherited that from my dad. // 2. Coffee ice cream partner-in-crime.  I can always count on my dad to pick the right flavor of ice cream. // 3.  My dad (and I guess my  mom too) never really punished us growing up.  They weren't into the whole grounding thing.  But whenever I would get in trouble, he would always have a short conversation with me about trust.  It was his disappointment that was the worst punishment.  This sounds like a horrible memory, but it's actually something really special to me.  I really trusted and looked up to my dad.  I cared about his opinions.  I don't know how he did it exactly, but I always knew he loved me, even if I made a mistake.  He always made me want to be better. // 4. When we were little, my dad used to do this thing where he would take our ice cream bowls, and with the spoon, he would mix the ice cream up really crazy like (while dancing and spinning around the room really intensely lol), and we'd be left with soft-served ice cream.  We thought it was hysterical!!!  We would laugh so hard, and thought that he had just made the most delicious treat by simply stirring it up.  He'd act all out of breath after he'd do it, like he just ran a marathon or something.  Oh, that man. // 5. Working on my foul shot ever since I was little.  My dad would take me outside after he got back from work sometimes to shoot baskets with just me.  A lot of times I liked to just work on my foul shot.  He'd talk me through follow-through, bending my knees, and where to line my hands up.  I always loved that time with him. // 6. My dad was one of the principals at my high school.  Whenever anyone found that out about me my freshman year of college, they were always like, No way!  That must've been the worst!  I would've hated if my dad was at my school everyday.  But you know what?  I loved it.  My dad was cool.  He was goofy and funny and my friends loved him.  I was proud he was my dad.  I knew if I was ever having a rough day, I could walk to his office in between classes or during lunch, and he'd be there to give me a good laugh.  He really knows how to laugh and lighten a mood.

Those are just a few of the memories that I've thought about lately.  Bottom line, they're pretty great.  I'm one lucky chick.

, Ashton Tilton   

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