25 February 2015

Keep it Simple: Sweet and Sours

So a little while ago, I started kind of trying to recap every once in a while on here with random pictures I'd taken on my phone of what we'd been up to.  Then talked about the good and the bad things of the week and called them my Yin-Yangs.  I got the idea from a blog The Parrish Place who calls it the sweet and sours of the week.  Well seeing as how I can never remember if Yin is good and Yang is bad or if Yin is bad and Yang is good, I'm gonna keep it real simple for myself and just use Sweet and Sours.  Of all the things that make life complicated, remembering the correct theory behind a yin-yang is not something I want to complicate life further!  Haha.  Sorry Mrs. Parrish, I'm hacking your Sweet and Sours.  Here's some pictures from the last couple of weeks.  Sweet and sours to follow.  

Sweets:  Reese has been snuggly // Buns and I found another show to watch together: Prison Break // tax refund en route // Reese has started to be more like herself after a long bout (sp?) of sickness // I'm starting to get the whole do the dishes as you use them thing down #kindof // Reese's smile is getting bigger and cuter every time // Reese is starting to understand that once we read all the books in all the book bins, it's time to put them away #ifihavetoreadthatbookonemoretime // dinner with Buns' family // time for scrapbooking // work is going smoothly // trip to the temple with Buns #muchneeded #imhashtaggingalottoday // trips to the park to get fresh air in the amazingly and freakishly warmish winter weather lately // fun, successful RS activity: everything didn't go wrong, so mark it up as a win // walks to the duck pond with Buns and Reese to give him a study break // Buns got a solid 8 hours of sleep over the weekend #weirdbutitmakesmehappy // I got to watch The Vow with Buns for a class paper #thatteacherknowswhatsup // pazookie and catching up with friends for a much needed girls night out // gotten into a rhythm of working out eeryday #weshallseehowlongitlasts // feeling Riggs kick a lot more the past week! // thoughtful sisters-in-law // cousin time // 

Sours:  Reese has been sick, sick, sick // late nights, early mornings // missing my family // missing my parents in TN // SO. MANY. DECISIONS. TO. MAKE. // late night study seshes for Buns // I need a new show to watch #runningoutofoptions #gilmoregirlstake50 // fussy, sad, non-eating, non-sleeping Reese // laundry for days // finance configuration // applications for PT school // last minute cram preparation for the RS activity this month // running is getting more and more difficult // what am I going to do to turn Reese's all-pink-eerythang room into a boy/girl room so that Riggs can be a man // I can't break my habit of peeling my cuticles // the stretch marks are back with a vengeance //

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