17 February 2015

Footsies for the Win

Buns and I are sitting here watching the NBA All-Star game.  I love this game.  Yeah so they don't play for real most of the game and the defense is crappy, but without fail, they can never hide the competitiveness in the fourth quarter.  And Ariana did the halftime show, so it was a success.  I've been sitting here itching to write.  I haven't felt that way in forever!  So I thought I'd take the opportunity while I feelin' it, haha.

If you would have asked me how things were going about 4 days ago, I would have said BUUUSSYYY.  For my better half anyways.  Buns was running around like a madman getting everything done that he needed to for work, school, midterms, PT volunteering, church calling, GRE studying, GRE class, etc...  Poor guy couldn't catch a breath.  Then Thursday morning hit.

Todd woke up at around 5am not feeling well at all.  His stomach was sloshy and felt like he had been hit by a truck.  Proceed to lots of throwing up, getting dehydrated, and off we went to the ER!  They hooked him up to an IV, and he started feeling better immediately.  Sure enough he had a stomach bug.  Reese and I did laps in her stroller in the waiting room, while we waited for Buns to be done.  Then we were on our way!  And sure enough on the way home...I started feeling "sloshy".

Cue my stomach bug.

Needless to say most of Thursday and Friday Todd and I were banished to the couches.  Poor Reese was probably like man my parents are boring today!  Haha.  We were praying that Reese would miss out on this lovely illness.  The weekend passed, and we thought we were in the clear, but poor Roni battled a bad fever all evening and night.  Last night she threw up, and let me tell you, it was heartbreaking!  We've never had her really throw up before!  Let's be real, as gross as spit up is, it's nothing like your little one throwing up.  So we snuggled her up in bed with us and called it a night.  

Let's just say there will be lots of reading, Sesame Street, and snuggles today.  Everything else can wait.

Valentine's Day needless to say was extremely low key with us sickies in recovery mode, but we still found a way to celebrate.  Started off by showering!  Haha, let the festivities begin!  But for real.  We took turns took taking really long showers while the other watched Reese.  Let's just say it had been a couple days for these sickies.  I even curled my hair for the night of footsies (explanation to come).  We exchanged gifts, watched Sesame Street with Roni, took her to get ice cream and a pink balloon, went on my favorite drive up the canyon listening to Buns' latest favorite John Mayer, ordered in Olive Garden after Reese went to bed, and redboxed a real romance...The Mazerunner.  (Also the first book of a trilogy).  It was so good!  I had been dying to see it ever since it came out in theaters because I love that series, so when I saw that it was in Red Box, Buns let me have my way.  Turns out he loved it too!  During the movie things got real hot and heavy.  But for real, we were so hot and still feeling a little icky, so snuggling was off our radar.  We kept it romantic though and made sure to align our feet just right on our separate couches, so we could touch toes and play footsie at all the romantic parts of the film.  A.k.a. The part when the Griever gets squashed in between the changed maze walls or when that kid Ben gets "stung," finds Thomas in the woods, and tries to kill him.  So much love in the club.

I hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's day and got to spend it with people you love, no matter who that may be!  
, Ashton Tilton

 P.S.  Just in case you wanted a sneak peak into our romantic evening, here's the trailer of The Mazerunner!  It was so good!  They stayed pretty dang close to the book too.

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