05 February 2015

Daddy-Daughter Duo & Successfully Failing

There are few things that make my heart melt more than seeing Todd interact with Reese.  His love for her makes me weak in the knees.  Fo real.  This semester has been a crazy one for Todd.  He has so much to juggle.  Responsibilities comin' out the yin-yang.  He has balanced it all like a champ.  And always has put his girls first.  He makes time to be with us.  To really be with us.  And that means the world to me.  When I asked him to come with us to the park last week, I had to bring the camera to snap some daddy-daughter shots that like I said, make me weak in the knees.  Moments I never want to forget!  Love me some Buns.

For the first 5 minutes she was obsessed with the wood chips obviously.  Once she got over that though, she was on a roll, walking around like a mad women.  She loves any kind of step downs or "stair-ish" surfaces, so she kept climbing over the edge of where the wood chips became grass.  Over and over again.  She's still figuring out how to balance her weight when she climbs things, and it's so freaking hysterical.  One minute she's as cautious as can be, and the next thing I know she's ready to cascade off down the stairs with no help at all.  Yikes.

She likes when we eat her hand.  Must be a toddler thing.

If you're wondering how Todd fit down that slide, he didn't.  And then the trip came to a screeching halt as you can see below.  Usually she loves the swing, but not that day!  Haha, she was totally petrified, poor thing!  Can we say nap time?

Hope y'all are having a great week!
, Ashton Tilton

If you're needing a little encouragement on the topic of failure, please oh please watch this clip below.  It's geared towards college students, but it is oh so applicable to eeeerybody.  My father-in-law shared it with his kids, and it was just what Buns and I needed to hear!

"How we respond when we fail will ultimately determine how well we will succeed...We should not be so fearful of failing that we avoid trying new and hard things."

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  1. Love this. Todd is a great daddy! That is one thing I have always appreciated about Jeff. I get more stressed sometimes about his work then he does, and he always reminds me, "Court it doesn't matter. You and the kids are my number one. If I'm doing well there, I'm a happy man." We've got gems Ash!


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