27 January 2015

Snuggle Bug

Snuggles from our baby girl when she was sick earlier last week.  Reese has never really been a snuggler.  Never been that baby that just rests on your shoulder or cuddles up with you.  She's always on the move and likes her independence.  But when she's sick, as much as it breaks my heart, I gotta say I love the cuddles.  The picture of me and her was taken by Buns while we were watching Sesame Street.  Have I mentioned Reese's love for Sesame Street?  We watch one show each day when she wakes up from her morning nap, and it's hysterical how she smiles SO big when the song for Sesame Street comes on.  Elmo's her favorite.  It's pretty cool to see how she's making connections.  Like for example, this chick LOVES books.  She could sit entertained for a solid hour just me reading her books.  Lately she picks out the two Sesame Street books we have EVERY time.  As we're flipping through the book, she points to Elmo whenever he shows up!  It's pretty cool to see her little mind making those connections!  

We sure love our girl and are glad she's back to her normal self!  Now off to the doctor's for shots.  #holla

4 more days 'till Friday!! Can't it be the weekend already?
, Ashton Tilton

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