13 January 2015

Reese's Winter "One"derland

We celebrated Reese's first birthday a week before her actual birthday, so we could have friends and Reese's little buddies be a part of it too before they left for Christmas break.  I promise not to make this too sappy of a post, but we just love our friends and family.  We feel so blessed to have each of you in our lives.  The way you love Reese makes us love you that much more!  Thank you for all your love and support!  Youda, youda best!  A special thanks to my talented sister-in-law Katie Riley with Katie Riley Photography (click here for link to her page) who took most of these birthday pics, so I didn't have to worry about it during the party:).

Reese's cousin Dyl Pickle.  They're only a few months apart which I was so stoked about ever since we found out we were pregnant with Roni.

Reese's newest cousin, Tegan.  Isn't she the most darling lil' thing?!  

Checking out the Christmas ornaments with Grandpa Bill


Haha, she was a litte shy with everyone singing Happy Birthday and staring her down to see what her next move would be.  She didn't quite smash it, as I had hoped haha, but she definitely took some bites and seemed to like it!

After we washed her up from the cake "smashing," she was partied out hahaha.  Her cousin Rio's faces while she cries just kill me (laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emoji here).

Thanks again to everyone who was able to come and made it such a beautiful, fun evening.  We missed all our family and friends in different states that couldn't be there!  Love you all tremendously!

, Ashton Tilton

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