24 January 2015

Reese Recently {At Home Edition}

Today I put Reese down for a very early nap.  I don't know if it's remnants of being sick earlier this week, but girl has been clingy and teary.  This mom's at a loss of what to do!  Haha.  So here I am posting some pictures of my typically very happy girl from a couple weeks ago to remind myself that this is her normal disposition! Lol.  

Reese has a buddy that comes over a couple times a week, and whenever she walks through the door she get the biggest smile on her face.  It's pretty dang cute.  Her pal is 6 months older than her and gets excited to see Reese too.  When she walks through the door, she smiles, points, and yells, "EESE!  EESE!  EESE!"  Does a little number on my heart.  Buds are the best.  

Typically the first plan of action is to dump out all of the small toys in her toy bucket, so they are strategically placed all over the front room creating an ankle-breaking zone.  I have learned to embrace this.  Let them be little, right?  So they go to town, while I read, journal, or finance (ew, that's very rare) on the couch next to them.  They keep themselves busy and are seriously the best of friends.   

Most times when Roni is waddling around our living room, I just watch her and chuckle at her growing body.  How she moves her arms and legs, how she's learning balance, how she learns what she can pick up and what's too heavy, how she tries to squeeze through the rungs of the desk chair, etc, etc... Toddlers have the funniest mannerisms, and I love it.  Her little fingers are the best!  That little pincer grip gets me everytime.  Lately she's been very aware of her head.  Either she's just discovered that it's attached to her body or she's finally aware of her lack of huuur.  It's okay baby girl, one day we will rock the piggies!  She also pats her belly a lot which is daddy's favorite.  Kills him.

And then there's that smile.  That toothy grin.  There are no words.  

And anyone who's met Reese, knows this face below.  Her infamous meet and greet.  You see...my child likes to give you a disgusted, get-out-my-face look instead of a smile upon first meeting you.  Thankfully this is usually accompanied by a smile right after.  I promise my child isn't a sass.  Or maybe she is?  Dang it.  In any event...it's hysterical and keeps us laughing.

Can I get a HOORAH for the fact that it's the weekend?!  I have big plans of running errands, doing laundry, eating ice cream, and crafting.  And trust me....all of those things I'm stoked about.  Except laundry.  Duh.  Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

, Ashton Tilton

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