22 January 2015

But Possible.

Each morning when I get to work, the first thing I check is NieNie's blog.  I have been a follower of her blog for quite some time now, and it is the only blog that I check consistently everyday.  Most other blogs (unless you're my fambam of course!) I've just lost interest in over time.  But I keep coming back to NieNie's because of her honesty, positive disposition, and just all around uplifting words.  She's a mother that has inspired me even before I became a momma.  Heck, even before I got married!  I appreciate what she stands for and the example she sets for millions.  Yes...just ask Buns, she is my hero.  Whenever I want to share some insight that I got from her blog, I feel like I'm constantly prefacing it by being like "So Buns, you know that blogger that I love that got in the plane crash?..."  But after Buns told me that I could just say "So Stephanie wrote..."  Hahaha.  In other words, he knows who the heck that is because I talk about her so much!  If there was one person I could meet before I died, it would be Stephanie Nielson.  Duh.

I went to check out her blog this morning, and read something that hit me like a ton of bricks...

"But mostly I got better because I learned to love myself.
And when I loved myself, I loved my children and others more, and then my desire to serve my children and others was greater, and then I got better.

It's a pretty simple idea, not always so simple to master.
But possible."

via Stephanie Nielson


(pictures of Roni's first week that made me get all sappy this morning...can we talk about how little she is just setting there on Buns' shoulder!?)

Words can't even describe how much I needed that quote today.  Not to be a whiner, but yesterday kind of rocked my world in the mothering department.  Reeser has been pretty sick.  Her poor little throat has been swollen and red making it hard to eat.  She's got a raw bum for reasons you can probably imagine, and understandably it's caused lots of tears.  We all know that it's no fun for baby or momma when baby is sick.  Breaks your heart, but let's be real, also takes a toll on ya.  

And when you're exhausted and tired from a long day, sometimes your patience runs thin in other areas...the house, work, church calling, etc... Yesterday I feel like I took my exhaustion out in frustration with that I didn't get the laundry done like I wanted, I didn't finish painting the front room like I wanted, I didn't put in the hours I wanted for work, I didn't send out that important email for my calling.  Soooo yeah.  Basically threw myself a big, fat pity party. #holla

After some QT with Buns and a good sleep though, I woke up this morning ready to make today different than yesterday.  And I woke up to that quote by Stephanie Nielson.  And it made me realize that I have to love myself even on the exhausting days.  I can't be so hard on myself!  Days like that will come around where kids are sick, and the single most important thing is to be at their beckon call.  To love them and snuggle them and assure them the sickness won't last forever.  Days like that involve popsicles for sore throats, Disney movies galore, Sesame Street on repeat, soft voices, snuggles for daaays, and all the love you can kiss and squeeze them with.

So love yourself. Because when you love yourself, you love other more deeply and you have a greater desire to serve them.

Happy Thursday y'all!
, Ashton Tilton

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