16 December 2014

Yin-Yang "Ish" for the Win

Life lately with the Barretts via my grainy iPhone because quite frankly I have totally stunk at taking pictures with my camera!  So here you go y'all...some random pictures from the last few weeks.  Thanksgiving was spent in St. George and Las Vegas with Todd's family, my newest beautiful niece Tegan Rielle was born, Roni continued to make me laugh with all her antics and toothy grins, celebrated my bestie's birthday with a girl's over-nighter to Park City, skyped a lot with Grandma Lynn, finally announced that we're preggers with baby #2 (yippee!!), Christmas festivities, hot chocolate for days, missing daddy at school and work, enjoying Reese walking eerywhere, spending time with family, threw Reese her first birthday party (once I find my camera cord, pictures will be up shortly!), and lots of working.  

On a side note, my heart has been pretty full the past two days.  I know so profoundly and powerfully that God is watching over our little family.  His hand is all up in our lives, and I am so grateful.  We've had many a tender mercies this past week that have left us feeling tremendously blessed and incredibly undeserving haha.  We are so grateful for our dear friends and family that make our life so beautiful and meaningful.  We care so much about everyone in our lives and hope y'all know how much we love you!  Really, really love you.  

So thanks (insert lots of hearts, kissy-face emojis, and any other emoji that are indicative of a deep, appreciative love).

, Ashton Tilton 

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