18 December 2014

Share the Gift

I'm embarrassed to say that this morning is the first time that I've watched this Mormon Message that was shared this year right before the holidays began.  I finally sat down to watch it and basically bawled liked a baby.

"The first gift of Christmas was a gift of love, and life, and peace, and hope.  Given to us by a Father to all His children."

This season I've been really trying to focus on my Savior.  More than I feel like I ever have in my entire life.  It's been emotional to say the least!  Haha.  

I know that Christ lives.  I feel like I can say more powerfully than I ever have that I know He is my advocate, my friend, my Savior.  He gave me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.  He gives me the opportunity to start fresh.  He is a source of comfort when I feel overwhelmed.  He guides me when I feel inadequate as a mother and wife.  He encourages me to be my best self.  His sacrifice allows me to be with my family forever.  He allows me the opportunity to return to meet my Father in Heaven again.  

I am so grateful for the little reminders each day that He is watching over me.  I've noticed that sometimes if I get too caught up in the business of the day or the business of the season, I miss those reminders.  I glaze right over them.  The days that I truly try to remember Christ though, I am blessed with the assurance that God is watching over me.  That I am His daughter.  That there is a plan for me.

I hope y'all are all having the most wonderful holiday season!
Lots of love.

, Ashton Tilton

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