26 December 2014

Reese Lynn's First Year!

Words can't really describe how much Reese means to our family and how special the past year has been, so here's a video with songs that I've played to her since she was in my belly to sum up some of our special memories with our baby girl.  I made this for her grandparents for Christmas.  Sweet merciful, we owe so much to them, and we're grateful for all the memories they've given us.  For the love and support that they've always shown.  We have great examples of what amazing parents are, and we feel so overwhelmingly grateful!

On that note, thank you to EVERYONE who made this year such a beautiful and memorable one.  Todd and I talk all the time about how much Reese has stretched us.  How much she's made us grown.  We know we have SO much more to learn but feel like in such a short time we've learned so much.  We love our friends and family so much, and each of you has played a special role in Reese's life.  We're grateful for the love you've shown her and the relationships you've developed with her.  She loves her friends and family, and so do we!


, Ashton Tilton

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