25 November 2014

Roni's 11 Month Mark!

Reesey-Piecey is 11 months, and I can hardly believe it.  With winter and the holidays here, I am really thinking a lot about how our lives have changed because her presence.  About how for the first few months of her life, I could totally remember what life was like without her, when it was just Buns and I.  Whereas now...it's weird to think that this time last year, she was still cooped up in my belly.  Been thinking a lot about this time last year.  Talk about choking back the tears.  It's a little heartbreaking to think about how fast time has flown, but so wonderful at the same time.  It's the best to see her grow and to see her personality coming out.  She is such a happy little girl, and I love her more than I ever thought possible.  

Lately some of my favorite things are:

1.  How she stops to examine her hands.  She'll run her finger across the lines on her palm.  Intriguing I guess, haha.
2.  She is so brave with walking now.  She'll walk from one side of the room to the other now.  But it has to be on her own.  The second you try to force her, she'll collapse haha.  Our independent little girl.
3.  She loves to be tickled.  She laughs so hard when you tickle her toes.
4.  She loves books.  She will actually get a book out of her toy bin, bring it to me, and want me to read it with her.  She likes to point at the pages and help me turn them.  Peek-a-boo books are her favorite. 
5.  She loves eggs and FRUIT.  Strawberries, bananas, and grapes are her favorites, just like her momma.
6.  She's daddy's little girl.  And she has him wrapped around her finger.  Believe it or not, watching basketball is her favorite "show".  She'll sit in Todd's lap while we watch Jazz games and just hang out with her daddy.  It melts me.
7.  She is getting really good at blocks.  She likes to fit smaller blocks into bigger blocks.  This can keep her occupied for a solid while.  

We love our girl to say the least.  She will always be our first baby.  Our first adventure.  Our experiment child haha.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  Love to all y'all!

, Ashton Tilton  

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