05 November 2014

Oreos for Breakfast

I kind of just want to take a second to record the happenings of Reese and I.  Of me and my girl.  Let me paint a picture of what most of our days consist of.  No we are not at the beach, as this picture so teasingly suggests.  This is a flashback.  Because #flashbackfriday can be on a Wednesday too, right?  And because I am aching for the beach.  Literally aching for the beach.  And summer.  And sun.  And warmth.  And sand.  And ocean.

1.  Todd rustles out of bed for basketball or school.  I go back to sleep.
2.  Like clockwork, I hear Roni talking to herself in her room around 8am.
3.  I milk those last five or so minutes, listening to her happily chatting to herself.
4.  I climb out of bed, get dressed, go to the bathroom, and go get muh girl.
5.  I swing open the door, and there she is to greet me.  Both of us with the biggest smiles on our faces.  It is probably my favorite moment of the day (other than when Buns gets home).
6.  I scoop her up, fix her a bottle, and we go back and snuggle on my bed while she drinks away.  I just snuggle her and smother her with kisses on her cheeks.  Yes...this is an everyday occurance.  And I take it back....THIS is probably my favorite moment of the day.
7.  Once the bottle is finished, I draw the blinds to the window at the head of our bed, and Reese pulls herself up on the window sill to pound on the window.  She laughs the whole time.  It's really very comical.
8.  Once she gets sick of that, we go into the kitchen, I get some fruit and toast or cereal for Roni, and some egg on toast for me (or whatever level of healthy I'm feeling...today I had Oreos for breakfast).
9.  We clean up from breakfast (or not) and head into the living room for playtime or depending on the day I head to our apartments to work for a couple of hours.  Let's pretend it's my more favorite days (the ones where I don't have to go to work).
10. Roni crawls around pulling herself up on anything she can get her hands on.  We rotate between all of her toys, and I lay there or work while she plays.  On the rare occasion, I clean up.
11.  Then she rubs her eyes with her chubby little hands and signals me that it's time to hit the sack Mom.
12.  We head into the nursery, I plop her down in her crib.  She cries.  I pop in the binky, cover her with her two blankets, press the music button on her toy hanging from her bed, and walk right out of there.  Some days it's an easy process, and some days not so much.
13.  Nap time=work time.  I cue up Gilmore Girls on Netflix (You heard me!  It's on Netflix y'all!), curl up in our corner couch chair, and do my online job.
14.  Then I hear Roni chit-chattin to herself in her crib, and it's time to get that sugar butt up from her slumber.
15.  Lunchtime.  And I watch her eat.  It's fascinating and incredibly cute.  Times like that I think about when she was first born, and I never thought she would be big enough to sit in a high chair. 
16.  More playtime.  Bottle.
17.  Afternoon nap and worky worky.
18.  (The descriptions are getting shorter because I'm sick of writing our schedule haha...I guess all I wanted to talk about was our morning because it was extra tender today).
19.  Blah blah blah.  At this point I'm tired and missing Buns and so so ready for him to get home. 
20.  Bide my time by making dinner. 
22.  Kissing.
23.  Dinner.
24.  More kissing.
25.  Buns plays with Reese, and I clean (eh, that's a lie).
26.  Roni's bedtime.  Buns and I do this together.  We got into the habit of doing it together to pray and read scriptures as a family, and it's also one of my favorite parts of the day.  I so cherish that time with my fambam. 
27.  Roni sleeps away.  She's a bomb sleeper.  I did nothing to encourage that.  We're probably going to have horrible sleepers in the future to balance out how amazing Reese is.  Dang it.
28.  RELAAAXAAATION.  Or cleaning.  Or more work.  But let's be real, it's usually the first.  

That's our typical day y'all!  Hope you had a spooky, sugar-crazed Hallow's Eve!  Pictures of our Halloween to come.  On to the next holiday...Turkey Day!  Oh Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait.  The holiday season makes the cold and snow (I know it's not far) so incredibly bearable and worth it.  

Lots of love!
, Ashton Tilton  

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