04 October 2014

This Little Life of Mine

Crucial and Exciting Bizz:  Sometimes Buns uses our laptop for homework, so I can't write down type up what is in my heart at the moment it's on my brain, which is why I keep a journal.  Where I can write down everything I'm feeling, and then decide what I want to share with the whole social media world because let's be real, the whole "being real" in media is awesome (trust me I'm all about it), but there are some things that are better left unsaid, lol.

Last night, I thought a lot about the little life of mine.  I thought of myself as a momma, a wife, a worker, a blogger, a friend, and as a disciple of Christ.  After a little digging and some patience in sorting out my thoughts, there were some really crucial and pretty exciting things I learned about myself.  Or I guess I was just reminded that....

1.  I want to take pictures of the beautiful world around me.
2.  I want to meet people and share their stories.
3.  I love to create beauty around me, especially in my home.  
4.  I love to find beauty around me, especially in nature.  Click here for how I feel about our Earth.
5.  I like making people feel good about themselves.  That they're pretty and wonderful.
6.  I am passionate about recognizing your self worth as a child of God.
7.  I want to serve more in my community.
8.  As me sweet friend reminded me here, "I want to care about people and not possessions."
9.  I want to find stories to share in the world around me.
10.  Last but not least, I love my life. 

This life as a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a follower of Christ.  This life as a woman.  This humble life I lead.  I love every minute of it.  Even the minutes (hours, days, or weeks) that are hard because it's those minutes that have shaped the woman I am today, and I couldn't be more grateful.  I also realized that there is nothing wrong with dreaming big.  Because there is power and happiness and self-realization that come from having big dreams.  Don't let others down your dreams or make you feel that they are unworthy or unrealistic of chasing.  Any dream is a dream worth chasing.

So cheers to living out your dreams, and cheers to chasing your dreams even if they don't work out the way you had planned, because at least you were brave enough to go for it!  Cheers to the stuff that shapes you.  And cheers to your beautiful life.  Because guaranteed it is beautiful, even if you find it hard to see.

, Ashton Tilton

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