07 October 2014

Bean Dip, and I ain't talkin' Tostitos!

Sugar Butt, Roni-Roni, Sugar Bean, Bean Dip, Squishy, and Punkin Pants.  Want to know what your you're doing in this picture? You're trying to pull the cords out of the TV with your little pincer grib, and it was actually seriously entertaining to watch you try, so I pulled mad parenting skills and let you try.  You were so determined.  Your mouth hanging open in deep concentration.  Dad says that you get that from me.  Apparently when we play basketball, and I'm taking a jumpshot or schooling your dad, I hang my mouth open too.  And my tongue pops out.  Hopefully you don't inherit that quality haha.  Or maybe hopefully you do because your dad loves it.  He's a weirdo.

Reesey-Piecey.  Those chunky little legs will forever make me want to devour you.  They are oh so deliciously gooey, and I can't get enough of them.  Today I thought to myself, "Holy hellfire, you [Reese] are getting to be such a grown-up little girl!"  Your personality is out and about these days, and your dad and I are loving every second of it.  You do this thing where you cock your head to the side and smile that toothey grin.  Swooooooon.

You are one happy baby, sweet girl.  I feel like you're going to be one of my very best friends.  You like to collapse in my lap sometimes and look up at me with the silliest smile.  "This Little Piggy Went to Market" makes you laugh SO HARD.  It's hysterical!  Your dad and I can't stop doing it.  When you bear those teeth in out of control laughter, we lose it too!  Sweet merciful Roni, you make us happy.  Your eyes.  Those big blues.  They melt me, they really do.  I feel like we have inside jokes now.  I can see it in your eyes when we laugh about something or when Dad's being silly.  I can't wait 'till we can talk and laugh together.  I hope you always laugh as hard as you do now.  You have the most contagious laugh, and I have a feeling that you always will.

You're getting your little pincer grip down, and you love to pick up ANY little piece of ANYthing that you're not supposed to get into.  Then you like to give it a taste.  I guess that means mom has to be better about vacuuming.  Dang it.

You looove toast with jam these days, and you surprisingly love strawberries.  I thought they would be too tart, but girl, you love 'em!  You are starting to warm up to everyone around you.  You went through a little phase of "Stranger Danger" and didn't really have any desire to be around strangers.  But now you're warming up to the world, grinning that gorgeous smile at passers-by.  We went to Target today, and you were making flirty eyes with this 10-year-old boy who was making faces at you.  It was hilarious.  You kept looking up at me for approval, smiling the whole time!  It was pretty dang cute.

Last but not least, you are ACTIVE.  Oh my goodness you are so active.  You like to be moving around or walking along the couches.  ALWAYS.  If you have to be in my arms or in the carseat for too long, you get stir-crazy and start arching your back begging us to let you down or out, so you can get the wiggles out.  You love being outside.  If you're ever having a rough day (which really isn't very often), we go for a walk to the park to swing.  That ALWAYS cheers you up.  Oh my goodness....THE SWING.  The swing is your favorite.  It's like holy crap, we've hit the jackpot.  You can't get enough!  You'll swing for a solid 15 minutes laughing your head off.  It's so fun for your dad and I to see.  Did we mention, we're obsessed with you and love you more than you could possibly imagine?

'Cause we do.
❤, Ashton Tilton
a.k.a. Momma

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