19 September 2014

Fabulous Friday Feature: Michelle Petersen

{Photography by Heather Bliss Photography}

Michelle Petersen from The Mumsy Blog:  Today, I'm so excited to share the heart of the other half of The Mumsy Blog!  A heart that's passionate about motherhood, teaching, creating, and living life to the fullest.  Her happiness is contagious and quite literally shines from the inside, out!  Michelle is a co-owner and co-writer for The Mumsy Blog.  She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and has three little nuggets of her own.  How does she find the right balance between family, blogging, and what she loves to do?  Because not only does she have a love for being a momma and blogging, but she enjoys travel, the performing arts (piano and dancing in particular), and socializing.  There's nothing quite as important to her as maintaining meaningful relationships with loved ones and finding the opportunity to celebrate life's joys with them.  I asked her to share her thoughts on what led her down the blogging road and how it transformed her into the woman she is today.  Life can take us down paths we never thought we'd go down, but sit back and enjoy this mumsy's perspective on how to navigate that journey, making the best of your circumstances while staying true to who you are.

"Since I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher and a Mom.  In that order.  Being the oldest of 5 children, my mothering instinct kicked in when I was very young, and I ceased as many babysitting opportunities that I could.

  As I got older, my love for little children navigated me down the path of becoming an Early Childhood and Elementary educator.  Becoming pregnant with my first child during my first year of teaching, I was able to squeeze in one more year of teaching half day Kindergarten before my second child came.  Yep, you read that right.  I had my first two children in 17. 5 months.  Something I definitely didn't plan on!

Personally choosing not to send my kids to daycare, I knew it would be too hard for husband I to both juggle working and raising a family, so I decided to stay home.  As much as I loved being a teacher, I loved being a mother more.  So, the transition was fairly easy.  However, I somehow didn't realize just how hard being a stay-at-home mom would be!  Sure I knew it would be hard.  But, since I had acquire two different degrees that covered all aspects of child development and how to nurture/educate children, I thought I had this parenting business int he bag.  Boy was I wrong.  For some reason, I had completely forgotten about the possibility of having Colicky babies, eternal sleepless nights, outfits that were constantly being accessorized with snot, barf, and poop, demonic temper tantrums, getting nourishment only  from granola bars and my kids leftover scraps of food because that was all I had time to eat, donning the same hairstyle and make-up on Thursday that I had started out with on Monday because I was too tired to do anything else but sleep the night before/too busy the next morning to still do anything about it, and oh so so soooooo much more!

By the time I had my third child, the once bright eyed and bushy tailed woman I'd once been, had transformed into someone I almost didn't recognized.  I still loved being a mom...most days...and loved my children with all my heart.  But, I had lost the person I once was before I became a mom, and I desperately wanted her back!  After pondering how I could do this, and still be a fully devoted wife and mother, I finally came up with the idea of becoming a blogger.   Through this venue, I, and my children, would be able to rediscover the hobbies/talents I once loved doing, openly discuss the challenges and joys that come with being a mom, and create a greater outreaching connection to women that didn't just live in my neighborhood.  And that, is how the Mumsy blog was born.

Yes, I could have probably done all of this without venturing into the blogosphere.  But, through being a blogger, I now have more than just my inner voice motivating me to get out there and really live and experience life with my children.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.

At first, blogging was a way for me to find myself.  Now, it is a way for me to encourage other women to step outside themselves and find joy in the lives they are currently living.  Life is hard, but we aren't in this alone.  Thanks to the inventions of the internet and social media each mother out there can find the support and motivation she needs to create a life of love and fulfillment for her and her family."

❤, Michelle Petersen

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