26 September 2014

A Fabulous Friday Feature: Claire Wilson

Introducing Claire Wilson y'all.  I couldn't be more excited about having this gorgeous, sweet, fun girl be our Fabulous Friday Feature this week.  For being a senior in high school, this chick has an innate sweetness about her with a strong drive to be a positive influence in the world.  My favorite part about the blogosphere is connecting with women all over the world.  Women from all stages of life.  This Arkansas-native has a style that will rock your world.  Check out her blog here for more style inspiration!  She is one of my absolute favorite style bloggers.  Her style touches on everything: classy, edgy, bohemian, and more.  She caters to all styles, and woman from all stages of life can find something to pull from her personal look!  

Aside from her fashion sense though and much more importantly, this girl has a heart of gold.  Getting to know her and then reading her "About Me" section on her blog gave me goosebumps.  This is a girl whose sense of self goes way deeper than her wardrobe.  This girl just gets it.  Gets what's most important and recognizes the importance of being true to who you are and not letting anyone else try to tell you differently.  She says, "Learning how to be yourself in a world that tries to clone you into everyone else is difficult.  Also, being a senior in high school doesn't make it any easier.  This blog is where I can put my creativity and fun into a place that helps me inspire others in a world of style."  You go girl!  So here she is y'all.  Claire Wilson and her fall-inspired stylings!

I know, I know. You've read and seen all the styles for fall this year...but sometimes outfits in magazines can be unrealistic . So here are three practical styles you can rock this fall!

1. Crochet anything and Hats


This little Riffraff number is a great piece for transitoning into cooler weather.You can never have too many knitted tops in your closet (At least that's what I think!) I've been stocking up on hats lately, or you could say hoarding them..Lol. I'm going to wear mine to change up an outfit or to add a little extra flare.

2. Cozy Knits & Docs

Two words. TOO COMFY! I don't know about you but I love throwing on a comfy, cozy sweater with some boots for a chilly day. Doc Martens are awesome boots for this year. I can't wait to put on big sweaters, leggings and docs when it's a snowy day!



You guessed it, plaid is so hot!! Mix up your plaid look a bit and throw another pattern in. I always think of leopard as a neutral that can be put with most anything! Also, another way to wear this is to wrap the button down around your waist with a graphic tee. Check out the lookbook below!

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  1. You are absolutely great Ashton!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to guest blog. :)


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