19 August 2014

California: Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier:  After The Groves and LA's Museum of the Holocaust, Todd and I went to the Santa Monica Pier.  When we were walking down to the pier,  we ran into Shaq from Kazaam.  He moved on from being a genie to a snake whisperer.  I dared Todd to see if Kazaam would let him put the snakes around his neck.  And he did!  Haha.  Kazaam kept calling Todd Matt Damon and asking me if he wanted Todd to become an ex-boyfriend as he wrapped the snake around Todd's neck.  Yikes!  I hate snakes so much.  Hate them.  I wasn't gonna go near the things (which obviously I did, but we'll get to that later). 

After our encounter with Kazaam, we walked down the pier and hit up the ferris wheel.  Y'all: I have never been on a ferris wheel before!  And it's always been on my bucket list (big things poppin right??), so up we went!  I was surprised at how long they let you go around, and they stopped it when we were at the very top, so we got to see down the coast and the end of the pier.  It was beautiful, and I said it about The Groves, but the weather really couldn't have been more perfect that day.  After the ferris wheel, we went and got ice cream from Pier Burger.  I got caramel ice cream with Heath bar, and Todd got a banana strawberry shake.  We were in heaven.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with ice cream.  I blame it on my dad.  

Once we got our ice cream we sat outside and enjoyed the view.  Finally after savoring every last lick of that ice cream, we walked down the pier.  There were all these fun kiosks, and it kept bringing me back to when I was little and we would go to Virginia Beach and walk up and down the boardwalk.  I loved it.  Once we got to the end of the boardwalk, there was a little family performing in front of this "arena" (for lack of better description) where you could sit and watch them.  They were amazing.  So there we were sitting and watching this dad play his ukelele while his two daughters (T&T) sang renditions of popular songs, and I kept thinking how my heart really is at the beach.  I would love to live by the beach someday.  The people, the atmosphere, the weather, the sand, the ocean...my heart was full.  We sat there for a half hour just enjoying the music and the view.  Loved spending that time with Todd.  

On our way back up the pier, we ran into a different snake whisperer, and earlier after poking and prodding from Todd, I promised that if he was still there when we left, I would put a snake around my neck.  And of course, there they were.  The snakes.  I got mad immediately at Todd haha and walked past them because there was no way in H#$* I was putting a snake around my neck.  I really didn't think they would still be there and just said it to get Todd off my back about it.  Finally after making probably a bit of a scene, Todd went over and asked if I could put a snake around my neck.  In my head, I was all, "Please say no, please say no, please say no."  And the guy was all, "Of course!"  GREAT.

Before I knew it, I had a big snake around my neck.  And you guys...they are oily and gross and heavy.  I will never do that again.  Once in a lifetime is more than plenty for me!  Ha!  But I will say it was pretty cool to overcome my fear for a few seconds.  It was emotional haha.  Bottom line is it was a great day with a great man, and I will never forget that time together.  Love my Buns!

XO, Ashton Tilton

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