23 July 2014

Fashion Forward: Lovins Lately

a.>> Target
b.>> Forever 21
c.>> Fabric Wraps
d.>> Target
e.>> H&M
f.>> Ulta
g.>> Target

//click on store for link to item//

Y'ALL.  These are some of the things I'm loving lately, and they're each under $20!  I'm all about a good deal.  Forever 21 is even having a sale right, spend $50 get 10% off, spend $75 get 15% off, and if you spend $100 you get 20% off!  The sale runs until tomorrow, so if you've been looking for some great finds, Forever 21 is the place!

A few things about this fashion board:

a.>> I just got similar aviators from the Old Navy Outlet in Park City and am loving them!  I've never been big into sunglasses because they always seem to slide off my sweaty face at the pool.  But yesterday I tried them out at the pool for the first time, and no sliding down my face whatsoever!  I'm in love, and it really was nice to not be squinting in the bright sun.  PLUS my mother-in-law has convinced me it's about time I protect my eyes, and I totally agree.

b.>> Comfy and breezy.  Perfect tee for a hot summer.  You'll quickly find I'm obsessed with Forever 21.  They've got so many options, you're sure to find something you like there.  As long as you can handle the sensory overload when you walk in the store.

c.>> These wraps, these wraps these wraps.  If you've never tried a wrap before because you've been a little scared to give them a go, or you have tried them and they just didn't fit right, I can promise you that these wraps will change your mind!  I just got my first one a few weeks ago, and they are the best fitting, most comfortable and stylish wraps I have come across.  They have all sorts of patterns and solids that will fit any personality!

d.>> Mustard ladies.  Great purse, low price.  Target is my best friend.  I will never turn my back on her.  She is loyal and trustworthy.  Always providing me with what I need and giving me what I want for extremely low prices (if I'm patient enough to wait for the sales).

e.>> If you have clicked on the link already, then you know that these jeans are ridiculously low-priced, and they're not even on sale.  This may make you wonder if they're bad quality or even worth the $10 because they'll fall apart and won't fit right, etc, etc...  Well I have always loved these jeans, but that's me personally.  I'm not into stiff jeans.  At all.  I'm all about the jeggings, and if you feel the same way, you'll love these.

f.>> If you haven't given teal or blue nail polish a try, do it!  Gives any outfit a fun pop of color.

g.>>  These sandals are only $19.99!  Super comfy and cute.  Definitely my favorite purchase of the summer.  

Hope you enjoyed my first fashion board of my Lately Lovins!  

P.s. Reese's birth story is still in progress.  Taking a lot longer to write than I thought!  So many emotions from that day, writing them down is a process.  Hoping to have it done by tomorrow!

XO, Ashton Tilton

And a post wouldn't be complete without a little Reese action...

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