08 July 2014

Family Pool Night

 Monday night we went to the pool after Todd got off work, and the weather was great.  The water was a little chilly for Reese, but she liked walking around checkin' out the scene.  Before we went to the pool, we stopped by the grocery store and grabbed some stuff for sandwiches.  My favorite kind of meal because it requires NO cooking from me.  Once we got there we ate and then just relaxed.  It was nice to be at the pool as a family.  Usually I go during the day when Todd's at work, so having him there was really nice.  We only stayed for about 45 minutes 'cause Roni had her fair share of the pool for the day, as you can see in the last two pictures!  I wish it wasn't so cute and hysterical when she busts that lower lip out.  Is it bad if I kind of let it happen for just a second longer than I probably should because I love that lower lip quiver?  So stinkin' cute.  

Roni is figuring out her arms these days, and she flails them all over the place.  Love, love, love it.  I love everything about her little body parts, especially her arms and chunka-chunka legs.  Reese's smile these days involves one big wide open pie-hole with the scrunch of her nose.  The cuteness drives Todd and I crazy.

It was a really great night, and I enjoyed being with my family.  Something I've realized about myself is that the time I spend with my family is really important.  I guess I've always known that, I mean duh I love being with my family, but doing things with my family is important to me.  Whether it's going on a walk, hittin' up the pool, going to the park, playing games...whatever.  I like to get out of the house.  I need to get out of the house.  My sister-in-law Natalie told me when I was pregnant with Reese that one of the things that helped her the most and kept her sane was getting out of the house and doing something active with Halle.  I'm so grateful she told me that because it's really changed how I view being a mom.  I'm certainly not perfect, and I do not get out every day, let's be clear on that.  But I know that the days I do get out and enjoy spending time with my family outside of our home, making memories (as cheesy as it sounds), has really become spiritual for me.  It's a time when I get to reflect on what matters most.  I get to enjoy the two gifts that God has given me.  Buns and Roni.  

If you can't tell I'm feeling particularly grateful today.  Grateful for my little family.  Grateful for the dear friends in our life.  Grateful for jobs that help us learn how to work hard, earn a living, and save.  Grateful for a God that I know loves me for me.  He knows Ashton Barrett, and that brings me the most comfort anyone could ever give me.  Some days are really hard, and I really want to throw in the towel.  But other days, the days that make it all worth it, are really beautiful.

Cheers to the bad days that make you appreciate the good ones.

XO, Ashton Tilton

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