19 June 2014

When Buns Became a Dad {circa 2013}

The man of my dreams celebrated his first Father's Day this past Sunday.

He's a dad!  He's a dad.  HE'S A DAD.  "So crazy."  That's always been his response when people make a comment along the lines of, "TODD...you're a DAD."  Haha.  Half of me totally agrees, but the other half of me knows it's not all that crazy...not crazy at all. 

I can't even express all the freaking emotions that overcome me when I look at the two pictures below.

In the first pic, I remember sitting on the hospital bed, having just gotten my water broken and my epidural, looking at Todd with so much love it consumed me.  Everything about him.  I remember adoring him in the first picture.  I was so excited that our baby girl was coming, but I was also really nervous.  I couldn't believe I was going to be a mom, and Todd was going to be a dad.  There a little sadness because it would never be just him and I again.  It would always be Todd, me, Reese, and any other kiddos to come.  I was feeling happiness, sadness, consuming love, nervousness, and gratitude.

Then...the second pic.

This was right after Reese had entered the world, they had washed her up, and we did a little skin-to-skin action.  Is your heart melting?  Because mine is.  I was looking for pictures to post from the day Todd became a daddy, and when I found these two, I happened to check the time that both of the pictures were taken, and can you believe it?? Exactly 24 hours apart!

24 hours.  

Man that was a crazy 24 hours. 

In the second pic, I remember sitting on the hospital bed, having just given birth to our baby girl and entering the realm of mommyhood, looking at Todd and Reese with an even greater love than I had in the first picture.  My heart was leaping out of my chest.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for that man.  Even more so than Reese to be completely honest!  Is that horrible?  I remember being more focused on Todd than on Reese in this picture.  Looking at him and knowing he was my best friend.  That he would be my best friend forever.  That we would raise Reese together.  And in that moment the sadness I felt before of it never being just him and I again wasn't so sad anymore.  Because I would always have him...plus some really awesome additions.
Todd gives me a hard time because I'm such an annoying photographer sometimes.  But it's because I want to be able to look back on special moments and feel what I felt over and over again for the rest of my life!  Every time I look at these pictures, I will be able to see through my eyes on that day, December 19, 2013, the day Todd became a dad and I became a mom, over and over again for the rest of our lives.  

Boom baby.

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  1. Haha I can't wait to see what Tanner will be look with our baby. (NOT any time soon! Hahaha).


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