04 June 2014

Family Night: Temple Edition

Todd and I have been trying to make an effort to put more thought into our family nights as opposed to winging it at 10:59pm (when we try to go to bed around 11) or forgetting it altogether.  So this past Monday Todd and I had a family night about temples.  We went through this article together from the LDS Newsroom entitled Mormonism in Pictures:  The Beauty and Purpose of Mormon Temples.  If you're looking to learn more about Mormon temples and what they're all about, this is a really great article to read.  Apparently the LDS Newsroom does these Mormonism in Pictures every once in a while that features pictures depicting the Church and its members around the world.  Very cool.  

I love how the article says, "In Mormon temples, Latter-day Saints learn about Jesus Christ, the purpose of life and the importance of marriage and family," and then goes on to say, "The Mormon temple is a place where the most cherished human relationships are made eternal. Mormon couples are joined together in marriage in a temple ceremony called a sealing. Church members believe this bond unites the couple and any children they have together forever."

As Todd, Reese, and I walked around the Provo temple on Monday night, of course we talked about all sorts of "remember whens"...

Remember when we sat on the hill at the top of the temple grounds and decided that we wanted to get married in this temple?

Remember when we use to run around the temple the summer we dated? (And KILL my legs in the process...yeah I remember that alright.)

Remember when this was basically where it all went down?  (I lived a few blocks away from the temple when we were dating and engaged, and Todd's home is just up the road too.)  

Remember when we got sealed in this temple to each other for freakin' time and all eternity?  (Yeah...that was pretty cool.)  

Remember when we walked out of the doors of the temple as husband and wife?  (Hallelujah, praise the high heavens!!! We made it!!)

After we went through every "remember when" we could think of and finally headed home 'cause Roni was about to have a meltdown...we got home, put her to bed, and watched the season finale of Parenthood Season 5.

Then we crawled into bed and recapped the day.  We decided it had been a pretty wonderful day, and we agreed we should really try to keep up this whole "purposeful family night" thing because it really was one killer night.

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